Day 15 - 9th August 2001
Universal Studios

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The Entrance
I woke up today feeling significantly better than yesterday. The dizziness was down to a level that I could ignore it if I concentracted enough. The first thing I did was go to reception and check if there had been any cancellations which could mean I would get a room for the next couple of days. Luckily, there had. I would have to move from flat 10 to flat 14. I packed up all my stuff and swapped keys at reception.

As the morning went on I recovered slightly more, and did my washing in the hotel laundry. When my new flamates, two girls names Kirsty and Catrina asked me along to their trip to Universal Studios, I had to accept. I couldn't leave LA without seeing Universal Studios could I?

We took a taxi there, and spent the day on the various rides and attractions. We did a studio tour first, where we happened to see a TV series being filmed. Our guide didn't know exactly what show it was though. We went on many rides, including a stage show of Waterworld. This was pretty impressive, and included a huge plane crashing into the water right in front of you, and then exploding, and large parts of the set falling over. Plenty of pyrotechnics.

The Back to the Future ride
My favourite attraction was probably Terminator 2: 3D. This is a mixture of poloroid 3D film on three screens, and live action. The two mixed seamlessly in a way I'd never seen before. Live actors would shoot guns at characters on screen, and wounds would appear. It was pretty amazing. The climax of the show included a huge wave of smoke which wafted over the audience.

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