Day 14 - 8th August 2001
Still dozing...

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I woke up early, but as soon as everyone ese had left the dorm I went back to sleep, dozing on and off all day. The dizziness was still pretty bad, but I was no longer feeling nauseous enough to vomit, something I was pretty glad about. It was hard to do the simplest of actions because the world won't keep still! I just about managed to co-ordinate my fingers enough to phone home (I misdialed several times) and talk to my parents.

I didn't have breakfast or lunch, but felt hungry enough in the evening to go for a meal at the hostel canteen. It consisted of Tacos with some meat which I couldn't identify. It was just about edible.

Later, I spoke to some of my room mates, and they told me that I should try to change the date of my flight so I didn't have to travel eary tomorrow morning. I phoned the airline and ask to change the date of my flight to New York, but I was told that if I didn't use my flight on the set date I would lose the flight, and also lose my flight home from New York on the 15th. They suggested that I book two new tickets, so I did. I hope the travel insurence will cover the cost of the changes! Then I went to book two more day's accomodation at the Banana Bungalows, but they told me that they were fully booked for the next two days. It looks like I'm going to find another hostel for the last part of my stay.

By this time I was feelng just abut comfortable enough to sit in a chair without falling off, so I went to a comedy night which was held in the hostel. I shouldn't have bothered. The 'talent' was pretty poor, and they completely failed to get the audience laughing. After that I went to bed, and slept well.

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