Day 13 - 7th August 2001
A minor setback...

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I woke up today, sat up, and immediately felt sick and dizzy. I recognized these symptons from something I had before, so I just went back to sleep and waited for it to go off. Except that, it didn't go off. It actually got a lot worse, and by the afternoon I was being sick every time I moved. I gradually got up the courage to get out of bed and stumble down the hill to reception, where I asked if they could call me a doctor. They said they couldn't call me a doctor, they could only call me an ambulence so they did.

After about 15 minutes the ambulence arrived and I was taken to hospital. I was waiting for about 2 hours, and showed the admin people my travel insurance (there's no treatment without money here in America!).

Eventually I was seen by a doctor. I described my symptoms to him and he gave me some pills to see if they would improve my situation. After about half an hour it was clear that they weren't having any effect. They wanted to discharge me there and then, but I told them that I couldn't really make it back home alive when the world was spinning like that. They decided to give me a jab to help with the nausea, then gave me another set of pills. By this time I was feeling very slightly better, whether from the pills or just from sitting down for a while. They used this as an excuse to send me home with a perscription for the pills.

It was really frustrating to be on holiday and ill, because besides not having any personal space to recover in, I was frustrated that I was wasting my valuable time in America in a hospital, although on the other hand I got to see a side of America that few travellers get to see!

On the way out of the hospital, I got them to order me a cab, and then went outside to catch it. While sitting outside wating for the cab, I was worried whether I would end up throwing up on the seat, something the cab driver might not want me to do.

I managed the cab journey without too many problems, stopping off on the way back at a drug store to get my perscription made up. Eventually I got back to the hostel. I tried to sleep, but for some reason I found it really hard, and spent most of the night trying to find a comfortable position to lie in.

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