Day 11 - 5th August 2001

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Me in front of the entrance to Disneyland
Today I woke up at 7am, because I had planned to visit Universal Studios with my Austrian room mates, but I saw Carolyn while I was having breakfast and she mentioned that they were getting transport to Disneyland that day and it would save them quite a bit of money if they had an extra person to split the cost with. I couldn't turn down an offer like that.

At 9am we left the hostal, bound for Disneyland. There were five of us. The driver was one of the staff at the hostel, and we took the hostel minibus. There was Carla, Allison, Carolyn and me. Everyone apart from me were from New Zealand! The driver dropped us off at the McDonalds just next to Disneyland (you're never too far away from a McDonalds in LA!) and we walked accross to enter the park. Carolyn decided that she wanted to split off from the other two, so she and I went one way, while the other two took their own route round the park.

Carolyn was very excited to be here, as visiting Disneyland was one of her childhood dreams. I have visited Disneyland in Florida, so I knew what I was going to see, but I couldn't wait to get on all those rides again. The first thing I did when I entered the park was to change all my Japanese Yen into American dollars. I was running a bit short on money by this time and it gave a welcome boost to my funds.

We went on all the major rides. Carolyn was very impatiant about queueing, all the eight-year-olds were patiently queueing up and she was still annoyed at having to wait around! The queueing wasn't too bad though, we didn't wait much more than half an hour for anything. The only ride which was new to me was the Indiana Jones one. Passengers board a jeep, and drive around an ancient temple, getting attacked by bats, bugs, and the obligatory huge rolling stone ball. We both enjoyed it. At lunch time we stopped for a pizza, which made me feel rather ill, and we went to find indigestion tablets, which helped a little. I think we both agreed that the best ride we went on was Space Mountain, a futuristic roller-coaster ride in the dark.

At eight o'clock we met back at the McDonalds to get picked up, and went back to the hostel. The driver wanted to pick up some more fuel, so I went with him to the petrol station and picked up a sandwich. After going back to the hostel, I sat on the internet kiosk and tried to hack it to get free access. I did manage to get full access to all the files, after spending $6 in charges! After that I went to bed.

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