Everyone should have their own website. It was make getting to know people so much easier. You wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of talking to them or anything like that. Unfortunately, most personal websites are complete rubbish. Here are some that most definately aren't.

Daniel's Realm
This site belonging to my talented friend Dan is an exotic place full of secrets and interesting things. I strongly suggest you check out some of the music downloads in the 'Stuff' section. There may even be some games there to play soon.
My friend Joe made this one. It's full of pictures you can use as your desktop background. They range from the beautiful to the obscure, so you're bound to see something you like.
The Dark Jedi's Domain
A bit old this one, having not been updated for three years at the time of writing. It's by my friend Ian who's a mad Star Wars fan, although there seems to be nothing Star Wars related on the site! He's never afraid to share his opinions. Read his 'Tips for Life', which can be found in the personal section.
A refreshingly intelligent mix of well-written music, film and opera reviews, this site was started by my friend Michael Hubbard and has grown to epic proportions. It's sister site contains a large selection of resturaunt reviews, mainly in London but also including other European destinations.
The website of my friend Dave Reed, this contains details of his game programming and hardware projects both professionally and at home. You gotta love those blue LEDs!
Richie's Web
I can't hope to describe what this site is like, you'll just have to go there. The owner of this site, Richard Owen, recently shot to super-stardom, and posters featuring a huge version of his face were plastered all over the country. I don't know whether I should mention how, but it's not too hard to guess.

Video Games

This is an absolutely huge resource containing everything you'd every wanted to know about any game. The FAQ pages are written by a talented group of game players who have uncovered every little secret and written about it. This is the ultimate resource for anyone stuck in a game. It's often tempting to look here too often and spoil whatever chance I had of solving the puzzle myself!
This is the definitive news resource for the UK games industry, and the place to go for the latest bankrupcies, product shedule slippage, and other such things. They also have sales charts pages for all consoles, and a recruitment service.

Independent and Home-made Games development

There are many people out there who, like me, create games in their spare time. Sadly, they're a dying breed, and as games become more and more complex with teams of hundreds, simple, playable games are starting to disappear, as games players are drawn away by the large developers.

I love games that you can pick up in minutes, and you can find games to download on my very own Downloads Page, and online games at the Games Arena. Here are some resources to find more quality games.

Independent Games
This is a nice database of Independent games, made by individuals or small teams usually on a tight budget. There are some truly original and playable games out there, you just have to find them, and this site lists a large amount of them.
This is a resource for game developers, and has articles on all areas of game development from programming argorithms though to approching publishers. There's also a very active message forum.
Another large games resource, this one contains a recruitment section, and many articles on game development, but unfortunately requires registration before you can see anything.
PoMPoM Games
Developers of the amazing Mutant Storm, which has won many awards, and is utterly addictive, not to mention beautiful to look at, and with great sound effects. This is how games should be.


Internet Movie Database
This is the only movie site you will ever need. Comrehensive on practically every film ever made, this site's content is almost entirely submitted by it's readers, and is a testament to some of the large scale sites whose content would never have come about at all if it wasn't for the Internet. If you want to know whether a film is worth watching, this should be your first port of call.
Internet Book List
This site is a large (10,000 and counting) database of books, including reviews, ratings out of ten voted for by the users, and comprehensive search features. It's still in an early phase, and there are many books missing or without much data. In time, hopefully this will become as complete as the IMDB is for film. For now, it still remains a useful resource and perhaps the only one of it's type.