JezBall is a game about judging distance and speed. Balls bounce around a playing area, and you have to section off 75% of the playing area without the balls touching your cursor. It starts off easy, and gets more difficult with each level. Requires Netscape 4+, Internet Explorer 4+

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How to Play

  • Start the game by clicking the start button above
  • You will black lines slowly fill the screen. Wait for this to finish (it may take 10-20 seconds or so depending on your system)
  • You will see two balls bouncing around in the play area. If you click in the play area you will see two lines spreading out from your mouse cursor. If a ball touches the line, it disappears and you loose a life. You start with five lives.
  • When both lines touch the edge of the play area, the area will be split into two parts. If one part contains no balls, it will be filled in, and you will have 'claimed' that area.
  • Each level is timed. If the time runs out when you are playing a level, you loose a life.
  • The object is to claim 75% of the screen. In later levels, you will need to claim 80%. Once you have done this, you will score bonus points for time left over and how much over your target you were.
  • The game ends when you loose your last life.