The Weapons

To make best use of these weapons, use them as often as possible! But beware, your opponents will be doing the same.

You'll find the weapons inside handily-placed question marks that litter the track. Simply drive over one of these, and the bonus window at the bottom right of the screen will cycle through the available weapons, stopping on one at random. You can also use the space bar to stop cycling if you fancy your chances!

After your weapon is chosen, use the space bar again to use it.

Opponent way of in front of you? Not for much longer, with this ACMETM missile. Painted in distintive red and yellow liveries, these will daze an enemy for long enough for you to overtake. These can be found in the original basic configuration, or the new fire-and-forget heat seeking version.

Lighening may not strike in the same place twice, but with the new lighting strike device thingy, you can aim it anywhere you want. In fact, this device comes pre-programmed to fire at all of your opponents simultaneously.

Finding driving tiring? Well, the Boost-O-Matic will really send you into a spin. Watch those flames poar from your engine as you reach up to twice your usual speed! Careful though, as it only lasts a few precious seconds!

Watch your step, these really hurt! The new Mark III Mine has a proximity sensor, so it detonates whenever anything is near, that includes you. Used correctly, however, this can be a great way of getting rid of those pesky opponents on your tail.