In the late 21st centuary, man started to terraform and colonize the other planets in the solar system. By 2080, the solar system was getting overcrowded, with a population of over 3,000 billion people, and we started looking towards our neighboring star systems to find a new home for our ballooning society.

The second planet in the Andromeda system was chosen for the first terraforming mission, which was a complete success. The planet had rich sources of rare minerals which were mined and shipped back to Earth.

However, as time went by, the workers in the Andromeda system felt increasingly exploited by the people of Earth, who bled the planet dry of it's resources while the Andromedan workers recieved very little in return. In 2089, the Andromedan people filed a request for independance from Earth. They were refused.

Long talks were held between Andromedan officials and the Earth government, but in 2091 talks broke down and the Andromedans were forced to go on strike. Earth responded with an ultimatum. Either the Andromedans started mining again, or Earth would destroy the mines using a number of nuclear warheads, effectively destroying Andromedan society.

The Andromedans continued their strike, and Earth planted the nukes in ten of the major mining areas. Your job is to fly one of the new hyper manouverable craft into the mines, and retrieve the nukes before it's too late. Andromeda's fate lies in your hands!