Here is a guide to the items and hazards you will meet in your travels:

The Nuke. This is your objective in each level. Fly your ship nearby to lock on, and then bring it to the exit.

Security Passes. Security areas were installed by the Andromedans to stop unauthorized access to hazardous areas. You will have to find the right pass to get to secure areas of the mines.

Shield Recharge. This will increase your deflector shield strength by 50%.

500 Points. This will increase your score by 500 points. Very handy for getting on the high score table!

1UP. This will give you an extra ship.

Gun Turret. These automatic weapons will try and shoot you down when you are within their range. You can destroy them with your weapons, or run away!

Mine. These will fly towards you when you are within range and explode on contact. Destroy them or force them to fly into a wall.

Energy Barriers. These force fields will block your path. You will have to find some way of getting around or through them or you may be trapped!