Addicted to Tetris? Looking for a version you can run on your PC? Look no further, you've found the best, most addictive version of the old classic Tetris on any platform.

The main menu

You can play the game in one of two modes in single player mode. Game-A is an endurance game where you keep on playing until your board fills up while the falling blocks get faster and faster and your score gets higher and higher!

In Game-B you are challenged to complete 25 lines while getting the highest score possible. In this mode, single lines just won't do, and you must try for those elusive triples and tetris's.


You can also play a friend in the two player mode. Each player takes one side of the screen in a battle to fill up your opponent's board with lines. By getting doubles, triples and tetris's lines are added to your opponent's board.

It gets fast and furious as you get used to the game. This is the most addictive mode of Tetris. The first player to fill up their opponent's board or get 30 lines is the winner.

Two player mode

A unique add on to this game lets you design your own block sets for use in any of the game modes. This will let you design your own easier or fiendishly difficult block designs to change the way the game plays. You can save up to ten of your block sets for later use.

The block designer

System Requirements:

386 PC or faster, with MCGA/VGA graphics card or better. A Sound Blaster compatible sound card is supported

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