W H A T   D O   P E O P L E   T H I N K   O F   M A R B L E   C R A Z Y ?

Marble Crazy (formerly Marble Madness) has been outstandingly popular since it's release in early June. Thanks to the following reviews and it's place on
C|NET's download.com, where it earned the 'popular' tag for being one of the most downloaded files on the site.

It attracted over 5000 downloads in it's first month, at it's peak, it was being downloaded around every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. It has been reviewed in a popular national games magazine in the UK, PC Zone in their Christmas 2000 issue (#84). You can read a scan of the review to see what they thought. Here are some quotes from it:

    "The absolute simplicity of Tetris can often be wearing; the underlying complexity of Marble Crazy keeps drawing you in for more."

    "...there's nothing to suggest that it hasn't come direct from a commercial software house or the shelves of Electronics Boutique."

    "...the quality of workmanship is simply astonishing."

The following review was done on Free games net, one of the most popular shareware and freeware sites.

    "This is a really great freeware game, and highly addictive. You can either play 1 player, 2 player, or Marathon. In 1 player, you face an advanced AI, and in order to beat it you must fill the AI's board with marbles to stop it from being able to move. To do this, you need to make groups of three or more marbles of the same colour on the middle row. As you do, extra marbles will appear on the AI's board. Of course the AI is trying to do just the same to you, and usually faster. In 2 player it's the same deal. And in marathon you are challenged to score a certain amount of marbles before the time runs out -- with 15 levels of increased difficulty.

    This game has and deserves full marks in every category. The sound, gameplay, graphics and fun factor are all 5 out of 5. A solid download."
    * * * * *

The following review is from The Freeware Revue, who gave the game their "Go Get It!" award.

    "Marbles - You played with them when you were a kid. Chances are, you either thought they were kinda neat, or you were a serious collector....either way, it doesn't matter...this game has little to do with marbles other than the fact that you're moving marbles around. 

    Marble Madness, is, pure and simple, a logic-based strategy game. One must align an ever growing group of marbles so that three or more marbles come together in the middle row. When the marbles come together in such a fashion, they do the "Tetris" standard disappearing act.

    The one player mode pits you against a computer... which is fun once you've learned the game.... for the beginners, walk on over to "Marathon" mode where you simply race the clock to get the required number of marbles to advance to the next level. It's a good place to learn and a ton of fun.


    Pros: Extremely Nice Interface, well designed, makes you use your brain, entertaining, (the list goes on and on - this game rocks!)

    Cons: Extremely ADDICTIVE! Menu system can be a bit annoying,but easily looked past in the grand scheme of things, after all, it is free.

    The Final Word: I'm still trying to understand why the author isn't making this shareware, charging $4.95 per registered copy or something. I could (almost) see this in a colorful box on a store shelf. Whatever the reason, a lot of hard work has obviously gone into this fine program, and the author must be congratulated for producing near-commercial quality freeware...

    Marble Madness, available from Supanova Software, truly an addictive, fun, freeware game that's quality leaves little to complain about."
    * * * * *

Here are a few comments I recieved by email from some of Marble Crazy's satisfied gamers:
    i'm here to pay homage to the wonderful developer of marble crazy... thank you for one of the best games that i have ever played... i can't stop playing... so i'm also here to tell you i'm mad at you for taking me away from my life to play this game at all hours... good job!! i tell everyone i know about this game... marble crazy rocks!
      - gurt
    Marble Crazy is one of the f***ing best puzzle-game I ever saw!
      - Erwin Bergervoet
    This game is very cool! I just started playing it, and I'm already hooked!
      - Kitfox
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