Present Panic - An original free game for Game Boy and Game Boy Color

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Present Panic is an original free game for Game Boy and Game Boy Color portable video game systems. You can play it on a real Game Boy if you have a ROM programmer device such as the Bung GB XChanger. These devices are cartridges onto which you can download data from your PC, and then plug it straight into a Gameboy. If you don't have one of these, you can play the game on one of the many Game Boy emulators that you can download for your PC or Mac. You can even play it online using the JavaBoy emulator.

What a nice logo screen.

The main menu

Hmm... What to do?

Santa Claus is in trouble! The elves have gone on strike and spread all the presents for Christmas around Santa's factory in the north pole. Santa must travel through eight areas of the North Pole manufacturing plant and recover all the presents in time for christmas day!

Many obstacles will either hinder or assist you in your task. Packing crates can be pushed around to allow access to otherwise unreachable areas, conveyor belts can move your around the levels, ice cubes can melt at the worst possible moments, and mysterious switches can make parts of the level appear and disappear or conveyor belts switch directions.

Present Panic runs on the original Game Boy Classic, Game Boy Pocket, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance!

Present Panic running on a
real Game Boy Color.

Present Panic running on a
real Game Boy Classic.

Download Present Panic 1.0 (20Kb Zipped)

Play Present Panic Online

Assuming you're not using a real Game Boy to play Present Panic, you will also need an emulator to play the game, so visit one of the following pages to download one:

  • VGBC (Win9x/NT/2000) - The most accurate emulator, but the speed leaves a little to be desired. Runs under Windows.
  • JavaBoy (Java) - The best Java gameboy emulator, this will run on any platform, but you will probably need to download a large Java virtual machine.
  • Boycott (Win9x/NT/2000)
  • HelloGB (Win9x/NT/2000)
How to load and play the game within the emulators varies, so refer to the instructions that will come with your chosen emulator for more information.

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