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It's Christmas Eve and Santa's Grotto, deep in the North Pole, is getting ready for the big day. Unknown to Santa though, his elves are planning a mass strike, and have spread all the presents for all the children of the world throughout the North Pole complex. As Santa Claus, you must find all the presents and save Christmas!


The game is split up into eight levels. In each level, you must collect all the presents, and make your way to the exit, which wll take you on to the next level. You start with ten lives, and you can find more along the way. Each level also has a time limit.

Many fiendish puzzles and traps lie in your way. Here are just some of the things you'll encounter during your quest:
Present - you must collect all of these in each level in order to progress to the next one.
Conveyor belt - These can be help or hinder your progress around the level. They can also be used as a handy way of transporting the crates you will find from time to time, but only if the conveyor belt is travelling in the correct direction! An arrow next to the conveyor belt will show you which direction it is currently travelling in.
Crate - These can be handy when you can't reach a high part of the level, standing on a crate can often give you the extra height you need. You can push the crates around the level to place them where you want them.
Candy - These are not essential, but give you points, which is good for reaching the top of the high score table!
Ice - These ice blocks melt and reform every few seconds. A wrongly-timed jump could leave you falling to your death!
Conveyor switch - This switch changes the direction of all conveyor belts on the level, very handy for getting the crates where you want them. for anything else you may find, you'll have to work it out for yourself!

If you get stuck in a level, you can restart it from the beginning by pausing the game and selecting 'Restart Level'. You will lose a live each time you do this.


Use left and right on the d-pad to move Santa, the A-button to jump, and the B-button to run. The start button is used to pause the game. The controls can be changed from the options menu. You will need to run to get over some of the larger jumps in the game.

Hints and Tips

  • Crates can be placed on top of each other to get to some hard to reach places
  • Crates float on water
  • Switches and crates stay where they are when you die, but if you restart the level they reset to their original positions.
  • Watch carefully how the level changes when you press a blue switch!

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