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Download MP3 Explorer Version 2.1 12/03/00 (210k)

MP3 files are a great way to store music. With compression ratios of about 10:1 without much loss of quality, they makes it possible to store a large collection of music on your hard disk, and listen to it while you do other things. WinAmp from Nulsoft is one of the best MP3 players around, but there's no real way to locate your files, and changing the ID3 tags is a simple and unflexible one at a time task.

MP3 Explorer is the best, and easiest to use software for organizing your collection of MP3 music. It's intuitive interface shows all your tracks in a tree, organized by artist and album. You can open up an individual artist to show all their albums and singles, and you can create playlists by dragging tracks, albums or artists from the tree into the playlist window. Your favourite playlists can be saved, and the same files can also be loaded into WinAmp. A find function lets you search all the ID3 tags of all the files for a phrase or word, letting you easily find the album, track or artist you want

You can also change the ID3 tag for the file and MP3 Explorer automatically keeps track of where the files are and what they are called, even on multiple drives or directories. You can change album names and artist names on multiple tracks easily in one go, and it automatically keeps a close eye on the your file's integrity.

You can also change the name of files to match the information in their ID3 tag. This facility is fully customizable to let you rename files exactly how you want. The Auto Song Information feature lets you aumatically generate the ID3 tag for a file based on it's filename or the directory name it's contained in.

It can be useful for the webmaster too, as it can create an HTML table containing a list of all the song information in the ID3 tags for uploading to the web or swapping with friends. It'll even create links in the table to the files for downloading.

It has shorcut menus to run your selected CD Ripper program, and your Layer 3 Encoder and it will also start WinAmp for you. There's even a random play feature that plays random tracks from your collection, if you just fancy a bit of anything.

MP3 Explorer is the perfect companion for WinAmp, and you can download it straight from this page.

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Download MP3 Explorer Version 2.1 12/03/00 (210k)

To listen to music using MP3 Explorer, you need to download a copy of the MP3 player program WinAmp.

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