O N L I N E   H E L P

W H A T ' S   N E W ?

Version history

Version 1.05 - Added support for resolutions higher than 640x480.

Version 1.04 - Fixed a few more glitches in Windows NT/2000. Fixed bug where keyboard buffer wasn't always properly cleared when you completed the game.

Version 1.03 - Fixed graphical glitches in Windows NT/2000. Fixed bug where easy high scores would appear on the beginner table.

Version 1.02a - Fixed some debugging code that was acidentally left in, and stopped the new high score tables from working.

Version 1.02 - Added a 'Best Times' table for all of the single player modes. Corrected the bug where 'holes' would appear in the board from time to time. Corrected the bug where a big black square would appear on the screen when you Alt-Tabbed away from the game. Made the game create a 'Safe Mode' shortcut in the start menu for troubleshooting purposes.

Version 1.01 - Name changed from Marble Madness to Marble Crazy due to threats of legal action from Atari Games Corp. Minor bugs fixed. Help files changed slightly.

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

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