O N L I N E   H E L P


Choosing Setup from the Main Menu will display the Setup menu which allows you to confugure various aspects of the game.

  • Player One Controls - Change the key configuration for player one
  • Player Two Controls - Change the key configuration for player two (only used in two player games)
  • Animated Backgrounds - Enables / Disables the animated backgrounds. Disable this option if the game runs slowly on your computer.
  • Sound Effects - Enables / Disables the sound. Useful when the neighbors get home, or for a slight speed increase on slower computers.

S E T T I N G   U P   T H E   C O N T R O L S

If you select Player One Controls or Player Two Controls you will see a list of the current conrol setup. To change any of the controls, select the control you want, and then press the key you want to assign to it.

The controls are saved when you quit Marble Madness.

(c) 1999 Supanova Software

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