O N L I N E   H E L P

M A I N   M E N U

When you run Marble Crazy you will find yourself at the Main Menu. You can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to choose your option, and the return or enter key to select it.

These are the options that are available:

  • One Player Game - Start a one player game against the computer
  • Two Player Game - Start a split screen game against a friend
  • Marathon Game - Start a game against the clock
  • Setup - Change the keys, and adjust some performance aspects of the game
  • How to Play - Watch a short tutorial on the basics of how to play Marble Crazy
  • Credits - Find out who's responsible for this wonderful game
  • View High Scores - See a list of the best players in Marathon Mode
  • Quit - Return to Windows

(c) 1999 Supanova Software

The main menu... what
will you choose?