Places you can play JavaBoy

There are many sites on the internet that use JavaBoy to host online Gameboy games. This means you can play the games online in your web browser. Here are some of the best. This site has every game ever released for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color, which makes it an essential visit. The games are well organised and easy to find. You need to register to play the games, but it's a quick process. They also have a selection of NES, and Sega Master System titles.

EveryVideoGame: This site has a large selection of games for many different 8-bit systems. The Gameboy games are well organised and a voting system lets you see what's worth playing! Registration is not required, unless you want to save your game or change settings. It has an active forum and lots of articles of interest to the retro gamer. Also an essential visit.

Game Boy World: Still in it's early stages, but looking very promising, this site is full of memerobilia and information about the various incarnations of the Game Boy since 1989. A few of the classic Game Boy games are playable with JavaBoy here.

Present Panic: This is a free game I wrote for the Game Boy / Game Boy Color. You can play it online on this site using JavaBoy.

Ports of JavaBoy

This section lists all the ports I know to other environments. If you've seen any more, please let me know.

MJavaBoy: JavaBoy has been ported to mobile phones, although I don't know how sucessfully. I expect you'll need a very fast phone for this!

AEPgb: This is another Java gameboy emulator. It uses a port of JavaBoy's sound code to emulate the Gameboy's sound chip.

Gameboy Development

Gameboy Dev'rs: The best site for amateur Gameboy developers, this site contains all the tools, documentation, and emulators you could need to start making software for the Gameboy.

Offical Gameboy site: This site is Nintendo's official Gameboy site, and contains an up-to-date release schedule, and links to the official site for many games.

Background graphics taken from The Legend of Zelda, Earthworm Jim, Gremlins 2, Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Super Marioland, Gradius 2, Bubble Ghost, Megaman, Super Marioland 3, Burger Time, Donkey Kong, Aladdin, Street Fighter 2, Spiderman.