Welcome to the software section. Here you can download some of my finest creations. There's games, utilities and screensavers, and all for nothing.

ScummVM DS is a port of ScummVM to the Nintendo DS handheld console. ScummVM is an open source interpreter that allows you to play many old point and click adventure games on modern computers. These games, although old, have probably never been bettered since the style of game they represent has all but completely disappeared from the eyes of the large games developers. My work has been to allow these games orignially written for the PC and Macintosh personal computers to be played on the handheld Nintendo DS console.

There is, of course, a version of ScummVM for modern Windows PCs too. Find out more here.

Marble Crazy is an action/puzzle game with a difference. An advanced computer AI player matches your every move, and a two player mode lets you take on human opponents. It is designed to twist your brain in knots, as you try to beat your opponent by matching like-coloured marbles faster than they can by sliding and rotating the rows.

NEW! JavaBoy is a Gameboy emulator, which means it faithfully reproduces games from Nintendo's Gameboy, on any machine which can run Java.

MP3 Explorer is an extensive organizational tool for MP3 music files. It shows a heirarchical view of your music, letting you see what's available instantly, and has features to automatically rename files and generate HTML table music listing.

NEW! Present Panic is an original free game for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Santa's Elves have spread presents for all the children of the world throughout Santa's North Pole Complex. As Santa, it's up to you to find the presents and save Christmas!

Dot-O-Rama 3D is another screen saver that doesn't require a 3dfx card. It creates mesmerisingly surreal images out of common household objects, which are formed of points of light.

Please note, the software below this point is very old, and written for very old PCs. Therefore, there's a good chance it won't work properly on modern systems. There's no harm in trying, but you might be better off looking for a more modern alternative.

Bubble Trouble is an arcade game that'll test your reactions to the limit. With it's SVGA graphics and split screen two player mode, it's sure to get you playing late into the night.

Speaking Clock is an essential utility for people who can't keep time. It announces the time in one of three built-in voices at regular intervals, and up to ten alarms can be set to remind you of those all-important events. It can even be set up to speak in your own voice.

Tetris is an updated version of the old classic puzzle game. It includes a block designer to let you design your own shaped blocks for more interesting gameplay, and a two player split screen mode that let's you battle it out against a friend.