for 3dfx Voodoo Cards

Have a 3dfx card? Looking for a cool screen saver? Well, you've come to the right place. Cubic Screen Saver is great at showing off the speed of your 3D accelerator, as it runs at a blistering 60 frames per second on all Pentium PCs!
You can display up to six of your favourite photos on the sides of a spinning cube, processed with point sampled texture mapping by the hardware on your 3dfx card so the images always look crisp and clear.
The pictures are automatically resized and uploaded to the texture memory on your 3dfx, letting your processor carry on with background tasks without slowing down. It's easy to use and set up, and it free!

There are options to display all six pictures at once on different sides of the cube, or to switch between them every few seconds. There's even a Topless Mode, which lets you see inside the cube.

NOTE: The Windows 98 compatibility problem has been fixed in this version.

To Download Cubic Screen Saver, just click this button:

Download the Cubic Screen Saver v1.0b

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System Requirements: Pentium PC with Windows 95/98/NT and a 3dfx Voodoo, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo Banshee or Voodoo 2 3D Accelerator. Glide version 2.42 required.