Are you tired of minless shooting, looking for something that'll test you mind as well as your reflexes? Well you've found what you're looking for. Bubble Trouble is now available.
This exciting action puzzle game has it all. Take careful aim with your launcher and fire balls up a channel to make groups of three or more. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you earn!

As will all great games, the idea is simple, and infuriatingly addictive. This game will keep you up all hours of the day and night with it's gameplay. Thirty levels will make sure you don't complete it in a hurry, and a split screen two player mode lets you take on your friends on a single PC.

Download full game now! (v1.3 1.1Mb ZIP)

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System Requirements: 486DX2-66 with a VESA 1.1 compatible graphics card supporting 640x480x8bit Recommended System: 486DX4-100 with a VESA 1.1 compatible graphics card supporting 640x480x8bit, a sound blaster compatible sound card and two joypads.